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              “Svitliachky Blago” (adapted English title – Fireflies for Hope; further in the description referred to as “Fireflies”) is about light and kindness, that we would like to share with others and encourage others to do the same.   

              Our journey has started in 2015 with a big idea and a self-titled book “Svitliachky” (Fireflies) written by Siranush Harutyunyan-Bozoyan. The first charity auction and organization’s founding day was held on January 5, 2016.

Про нас: Профессиональное признание

              We started with auctions, concerts, workshops, charity fairs where Fireflies raised money to purchase medical equipment for hospitals and clinics in Kostiantynivka, Donetsk region. Some of the first beneficiaries were intense care unit (ICU), somatic department of City Children’s Hospital, boarding school (orphanage), maternity hospital. Additionally, we allocated funds to support refugees, who were forced to leave their homes because of the war in the east of Ukraine in 2014. Later, the organization began to organize and hold fundraisers and auctions to support critically ill children and adults.   

              Local institutions gladly provided us with equipment and space to hold our events. Local business owners, friends of "Fireflies", and concerned citizens donated goods and services for our fundraisers.


              With each coming year our work has become highly recognized by the people of our town. The organization became well-known with the help of local media. Moreover, in the Fall of 2017 we organized several events such as festivals and contests in celebration of motherhood and family tittled “Mrs Young Mother of Kostiantynivka”, “Mrs Young Mother of Donetsk region”. Afterwards we organized contests for children like “Mini Miss Kostiantynivka”, “Mini Mister Kostiantynivka” and other. The goal of those events was to celebrate timeless and deep family values, beaty of the homeland, happy childhood and peace!


        In the following years, we created more charity events and community outreach programs. In addition to traditional auctions and concerts we also organized “Bubble Show”, “Mafia” game-sessions, kid’s parties with animators and photoshoots. Beneficiaries, since the beginning of the organization’s work, were hospitals and clinics, and other social establishments in our town.


        In 2018 the organization was facing possible closure, due to the fact that Siranush, the founder, active director and coordinator of all events and initiatives of “Svitliachky Blago (Fireflies for Hope)” got ill. Although, this information may seem redundant, and perhaps should not be mentioned in this article, Sira’s illness has become a major factor in organization’s change and development.  Sira received support from hundreds and thousands of people who saw the work the Fireflies were doing and the impact this organization has made in our town. “Fireflies for Hope” did not close, on the contrary, it became officially registered organization to continue the important work it has been doing.


From 2018 through February 23, 2022 the organization continued to work on projects and initiatives to benefit the local people of Kostiantynivka and Donetsk region. The highlight of organization’s history in the two years after rebranding and reinventing itself was the celebration of New Year 2021 in Kostiantynivka. The contests such as “Mrs Young Mother of Kostiantynivka” and patriotic projects such as “Top 10 Konsta” were a major success. The organization’s visibility has increased and announcements of the projects and initiatives started to appear not only in print and social media, but also on the radio and billboards all over Donetsk region.


        Year 2022 was promising to be very eventful. We planned to hold one of the most favorite regional contests – “Mrs Young Mother of Donetsk region”. Additionally, we planned to hold “National Cuisines Festival” where chefs from all over the region would cook various ethnic dishes. However, the most impactful event Fireflies planned for 2022 was going to be eco-project: “Konsta ZERO Waste”, “Kram ZERO Waste” and “Bahmut ZERO Waste”


        Unfortunately, the morning of February 24, 2022 changed all our plans - the day when Russia launched full-scaled war of sovereign Ukraine.

        “Fireflies” have decided to adapt to the growing crisis and focus in the direction of urgent demands of civilians and towards support for our defenders. We opened humanitarian aid hubs (receipt and distribution centers) for humanitarian aid, which included, but was not limited to food, medical aid, clothing for displaced people and more. We organized delivery and supply of first-aid care, medication for post-chemo treatments, cancer treatments, epileptic patients. We focused on prioritizing needs of the most vulnerable members of our town and region. Eventually, a new permanent humanitarian aid hub was formed, which continues to operate on a regular basis. The hub receives and distributes aid directly to each individual in need. Our international relations unit, led by Oksana Enriquez (Klyuchnichenko), has been playing a major role in our mission. We have been able to involve international donors and partners and convert monetary donations to real, tangible help for Ukrainians.  


100 days of war in numbers by “Fireflies”

  • Medicines essential for the life, included: chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients, medicines for patients with cardiological diseases, stroke patients and others. Also, medicines and medical supplies for the hospitals and separately for Armed Forces of Ukraine (ЗСУ) – 6809 packages granted.

  • Food packages 2020 pcs.

  • Hygienic packages for children and adults – 710 packages granted.

  • Financial support for economically disadvantaged families – 27 families.

  • Tactical footware for Armed Forces of Ukraine (ЗСУ) – 25 pairs.

  • Plate carriers for Armed Forces of Ukraine (ЗСУ) – 21 pcs.

  • Portable Solar Powerstation for Armed Forces of Ukraine (ЗСУ) — 1 pc.

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